Arizona Drip Systems, Inc. – Fuel Saving Equipment, Water Saving Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Our Mission

Arizona Drip Systems, Inc., and Sundance Farms specializes in custom farm minimum-till, no-till machinery, and sub surface drip irrigation.

12738490-preparing-land-for-sowing-in-spring-Stock-Photo8524We maintain an on-going experimental process of growing cotton, wheat, alfalfa, maize, corn and watermelon with controlled water, precision chemical application and minimum-till and no-till requirements.

Our drip irrigation designs have proven to be the most efficient drip irrigation systems available on the market today. Our highly efficient drip irrigation systems produce 95.3% efficiency by watering only the root zone of plants and keeping valuable moisture in our soil. We have seen yield increases from 50 – 75% compared to conventional farming and irrigation methods.

We have developed special patented farm machinery that reduces tillage time and diesel fuel by 54.6%. Our patented line of equipment includes the trademark Sundance HD Disk and Root Puller, Tape Injector, Tape Extractor, and recently patented Peel-off Rig. We also supply irrigation parts and other custom designed farm equipment. We are a leader in the irrigation and farming industry.

We have been recognized nationally and internationally by colleges, farm co-ops and agricultural associations and such international agricultural foundations as the World Food Organization and the United States Department of Agriculture for inventions, speeches, articles and text books in the area of micro-irrigation.

Our systems are the result of 30 years of our own testing and installing the best practices from Israel, Hawaii, and the Southwest United States. We are located in Coolidge, Arizona, 50 miles southeast of Phoenix.

Thank you for your interest in Arizona Drip Systems, Inc. and Sundance Farms.

David Wuertz CEO/Owner
Carol Wuertz Behrens CFO/Owner
Howard Wuertz Founder/Owner/Chairman of the Board